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rko meaning film

221, 223, 225. [145] Within weeks of taking over, Hughes had dismissed three-fourths of the work force; production was virtually shut down for six months as the conservative Hughes shelved or canceled several of the "message pictures" that Schary had backed. Still, if you enjoyed “Return of The Straight Dope”, you’ll find that Cecil’s newest compendium of intelligence “The Straight Dope Tells All”, is now available at better bookstores. 46–47; Barrios (1995), pp. 119, 122–125. What does RKO stand for? 378–81. 81–82. Schatz (1999), pp. Goodwin (1987), pp. Suite 600, West Hollywood, CA 90069, Many sources incorrectly describe Keith-Albee-Orpheum as the union of three theater chains; in fact the name describes the union of just two chains, B. F. Keith Corp. (doing business as Keith-Albee) and, Many sources incorrectly give FBO's full name as "Film Booking Office of America"; the proper name is Film Booking Offices of America, which may be confirmed by examining its, Until its acquisition of Pathé in 1931, RKO did. Goodwin (1987), pp. I quote here from The Encyclopedia of Hollywood: “With these two strokes [the purchase of FBO and Keith-Albee-Orpheum], RCA, using its Phonofilm system, built a major film company in 1928 that was prepared to capitalize on the talkie revolution.” In fact, an eagle-eyed reader such as yourself has probably seen the radio tower logo used in many of the early RKO films. It would turn out to be the last major Academy Award for an RKO picture. In its original incarnation, as RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. (a subsidiary of Radio-Keith-Orpheum, aka: RKO)[1] it was one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood's Golden Age. The narrative of Yellow Canary is actually set in September 1940, meaning that the film had a As far as we know, Cecil is a man of the Times, and as Picayune as anyone on the planet, as Little Ed can attest. [237] The Stranger, from William Goetz's International Pictures, has been in the public domain since 1973. As to RKO, it’s a tale of Hollywood power brokers, fierce competition, and cinema history wrapped up in a 3 letter abbreviation. 196–98, 205–6. [123] The studio was also saddled with the last of the inflated B movies such as Pearl of the South Pacific (1955) and The Conqueror (1956) that enchanted Hughes. [124] The studio's 1940s list of contract players was filled with noir regulars: Robert Mitchum (who graduated to major star status) and Robert Ryan each made no fewer than ten film noirs for RKO. 100–2, 152, 189–90, 210; Lasky (1989), p. 198; Schwartz (2005), p. 60. 9–10; Lasky (1989), pp. Early in 1928, KAO general manager John J. Murdock, who had assumed the presidency of Pathé, turned to Kennedy as an adviser in consolidating the studio with De Mille's company, Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC). Hughes had reneged on his promise to give Odlum first option on buying the RKO theater chain when he divested it, and was now paying the price. Brown, Peter Harry, and Pat H. Broeske (2004). It was established in 1928 as RKO Radio Pictures. With the purchase of RKO, the studio's library was his, and rights to the 742 films to which RKO retained clear title were quickly put up for sale. The film premiered at Radio City Music Hall on June 28, 1934, and went into general release on July 20. [127] Tourneur, Musuraca, Mitchum, and Greer, along with D'Agostino's design group, joined to make the A-budgeted Out of the Past (1947), now considered one of the greatest of all film noirs. On the first day of 1947, producer and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dore Schary, who had been working at the studio on loan from Selznick, took over the role. Rogers, after winning an Oscar in 1941 for her performance in the previous year's Kitty Foyle, held out for a freelance contract like Grant's; after 1943, she would appear in just one more RKO production, thirteen years later. [31] To make films under the new system, Selznick recruited prize behind-the-camera personnel, such as director George Cukor and producer/director Merian C. Cooper, and gave producer Pandro S. Berman, aged twenty-six, increasingly important projects. La RKO Pictures (Radio-Keith Orpheum Pictures) è una celebre casa di produzione e distribuzione cinematografica statunitense. ... (KAO) theater chain and the Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) studio in October 1928. [184][186] RKO Teleradio Pictures released Fritz Lang's final two American films, While the City Sleeps and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (both 1956), but years of mismanagement had driven away many directors, producers, and stars. Watch this video to find out.Widescreen - Mono A STAFF REPORT FROM THE STRAIGHT DOPE SCIENCE ADVISORY BOARD. It never had a stable of important actors, writers, or directors, but ... it was rich in artists and special-effects technicians. [e] That year, the New York City–based corporate headquarters moved into the new RKO Building, an Art Deco skyscraper that was one of the first Rockefeller Center structures to open. The latter was a project of the renowned Jerry Wald–Norman Krasna production team, lured by Hughes from Warner Bros. with great fanfare in August 1950. The restrictive programming style was soon adopted by many of RKO's other stations and imitated by non-RKO broadcasters around the country. [59] On June 13, 1935, RKO premiered the first feature film shot entirely in advanced three-strip Technicolor, Becky Sharp. [19] The project was abandoned, however, as the public's taste for musicals temporarily subsided. Across the board, profits fell—a 27 percent drop for the Hollywood studios from 1946 to 1947. 187, 198, 204, 211, 225, 241, 259, 286, 290, 295. It was soon offering the films to independent stations in a package called "MovieTime USA". RKO Pictures was an American film production and distribution company. Muller (1998), pp. See, e.g., Ballinger and Graydon (2007), pp. Media in category "RKO Pictures films" The following 110 files are in this category, out of 110 total. Film RKO abbreviation meaning defined here. In May 1965, KHJ (AM) in Los Angeles introduced the Boss Radio variation of the top 40 format. This fun and easy-to-use crossword puzzle app features new, themed puzzles each day. Wikimedia Commons has media related to RKO Pictures films. 209, 226. Langdon-Teclaw, Jennifer (2007). [84] In 1941, the studio landed one of the most prestigious independents in Hollywood when it arranged to handle Samuel Goldwyn's productions. 38, 41. Gone with the Wind, his coproduction with MGM, was largely shot there. RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures is an American film production and distribution company. THe good doctors radio station. Films such as the erotic thriller Half Moon Street (1986) and the Vietnam War drama Hamburger Hill (1987) followed, but production ended as GenCorp underwent a massive reorganization following an attempted hostile takeover. [106] Freelancing Randolph Scott appeared in one major RKO release annually from 1943 through 1948. [164] The studio's net loss in 1952 was over $10 million, and shooting had taken place for just a single in-house production over the last five months of the year. Jewell (1982), pp. The Saint in New York (1938) successfully launched a B detective series featuring the character Simon Templar that would run through 1943. The industry's two largest companies, Paramount and Loew's/MGM, with two other major studios, Universal and First National, were poised to contract with ERPI for sound conversion as well. The best of The Straight Dope, delivered to your inbox. The $15.2 million RKO made on the deal convinced the other major studios that their libraries held profit potential—a turning point in the way Hollywood did business. [75] After costarring with Ginger Rogers for the eighth time in The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939), Fred Astaire departed the studio. After Glen Alden's 1967 acquisition of the Stanley Warner theater group, the two chains were merged into RKO–Stanley Warner Theatres. [205] The sale was completed in late 1987, and Wesray linked RKO with its Six Flags amusement parks to form RKO/Six Flags Entertainment Inc.[206], In 1989, RKO Pictures, which had produced no films while under Wesray control, was spun off yet again. [j] Many of RKO's other artistically ambitious pictures were also dying at the box office and it was losing its last exclusive deal with a major star as well. [44] Rogers was paired with Fred Astaire, making his movie debut. [235] Notorious, a coproduction between RKO and David Selznick's Vanguard Films, is now owned by ABC (under Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)[236] while home video rights are currently controlled by The Criterion Collection. 223–24. 150–52; "Earnings Fall 5% for Macy System; Television's High Cost for Subsidiary, General Teleradio, Cuts Consolidated Net,". [92] With Schaefer gone, Koerner could actually do the job. [63], In October 1935 the ownership team expanded, with financier Floyd Odlum leading a syndicate that bought 50 percent of RCA's stake in the company; the Rockefeller brothers, also major stockholders, increasingly became involved in the business. [160] The only smash hits released by RKO in the 1950s came out during this period, but neither was an in-house production: Goldwyn's Hans Christian Andersen (1952) was followed by Disney's Peter Pan (1953). [118] Tim Holt was RKO's cowboy star of the era, appearing in forty-six B Westerns and more than fifty movies altogether for the studio. McBride (2006), p. 63; Server (2002), p. 78. [126] Freelancer George Raft starred in two noir hits: Johnny Angel (1945) and Nocturne (1946). 208, 210. Jewell (1982), pp. [8] Looking to get out of the film business the following year, Kennedy arranged in late 1930 for RKO to purchase Pathé from him. What’s the origin of the skull and crossbones pirate flag? After United Artists, it was the fourth and last independent distributor of Walt Disney Productions' films until the founding of Disney-owned Buena Vista Film Distribution in 1953. [176] In 1950, it purchased the West Coast regional Don Lee Broadcasting System,[177] and two years later, the Bamberger Broadcasting Service, owner of the WOR TV and radio stations in New York City. In 1952, the company united its newly expanded broadcasting interests into a division dubbed General Teleradio. 77, 88; Lasky (1989), p. 117. Looking for online definition of RKO or what RKO stands for? [54][55] Film historian James Naremore has described RKO as "chiefly a designer's studio. [81] He departed RKO in December 1939 after policy clashes with studio president George J. Schaefer, handpicked the previous year by the Rockefellers and backed by Sarnoff. Richard Dix, Oscar-nominated for his lead performance in Cimarron, would serve as RKO's standby B-movie star until the early 1940s. [144] During Hughes's tenure, RKO suffered its worst years since the early 1930s, as his capricious management style took a heavy toll. [140] Odlum concluded it was time to exit the film business, and he put his remaining RKO shares—approximately 25 percent of the outstanding stock—on the market. In 1959, following the breakup of the movie studio, the media division was given the name it would operate under for the next three decades, RKO General. [226] In 1981, RAI, the public broadcasting service, acquired the Italian rights to the RKO library, which it now shares with Silvio Berlusconi's Fininvest. By Wise: Jewell (1982), pp. Under the consent decree he signed, Hughes agreed to dissolve the old parent company, Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corp., and split RKO's production-distribution business and its exhibition chain into two entirely separate corporations—RKO Pictures Corp. and RKO Theatres Corp.—with the obligation to promptly sell off one or the other. This was the relationship Sarnoff and Kennedy sought. 56, 151–52; Schatz (1999), p. 364; Ottoson (1981), p. 132. Wald and Krasna escaped their contracts and the studio as well. In 1984, MBI created a subsidiary, Marian Pictures Inc. (MBP), to which it transferred its share of the RKO rights. Barrios (1995), p. 127; Lasky (1989), p. 52. The Hartley–Merrill RKO Pictures has created new versions of the Transmitter and the closing thunderbolt ident. RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures este o companie americană independentă care produce și distribuie filme. 198–202. Ballinger and Graydon (2007), pp. For Breen's position, see Jeff and Simmons (2001), pp. [10] In charge of production was William LeBaron, who had held the same position at FBO. Barrier (2003), p. 170; Lasky (1989), p. 137; Jewell (1982), p. 92. Signs More Noted Names", Jewell (1982), pp. newsletter. Crafton (1997), p. 210; Barrier (2003), p. 169. Lasky (1989), pp. [243] Instead of the Transmitter, many Disney and Goldwyn films released by the studio originally appeared with colorful versions of the RKO closing ident as part of the main title sequence. I have often seen the name of a famous movie studio in Hollywood called "R.K.O." How did some crime fiction come to be described as “hard-boiled”? [49] The drama Of Human Bondage (1934), directed by John Cromwell, was Bette Davis's first great success. "The work of Communist sympathizers will not be used. The generally rave reviews upset Warner executives, who were embarrassed one of their contract players was being acclaimed for a film made at another studio, and they tried to exclude its title from any publicity about Davis. Conway had a nine-film run in the part before the series ended in 1946. The film was distributed by Disney's Buena Vista Pictures Distribution and released under the "Walt Disney Pictures" trademark. [12][c] A few nonsinging pictures followed, but the studio's first major hit was again a musical. Scott, Dmytryk, and eight others who also defied HUAC—dubbed the Hollywood Ten—were blacklisted across the industry. Production chief Schary quit almost immediately due to his new boss's interference and Rathvon soon followed. Kennedy began investigating the possibility of such a purchase. I have always been a fan of old films and love to read about the old days of movies, the studio system, etc. Fein (2000), passim; Lasky (1989), p. 228. RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures (also known as RKO Productions, Radio Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures, RKO Teleradio Pictures and, for a short time, RKO Pathé) is an American film production and distribution company. [202] However, RKO General's most notable legacy is what may be the longest licensing dispute in television history. Why isn't your column available in the New Orleans Times-Picayune? Starting with the Meryl Streep vehicle Plenty (1985), RKO took on more projects as sole studio backer. [6] On January 25, 1929, the new company's production arm, presided over by former FBO vice-president Joseph I. Schnitzer, was unveiled as RKO Productions Inc.[7] A week later, it filed for the trademark "Radio Pictures". 74–76; Jewell (1982), p. 17. In addition to its broadcasting activities, RKO General was also the holding company for many of General Tire's (and, after its parent company's reorganization, GenCorp's) other noncore businesses, including soft-drink bottling, hotel enterprises, and, for seventeen years, the original Frontier Airlines. RKO Universal Films is a joint-venture between RKO and Universal, and owned by RKO Holdings (45%), NBCUniversal (45%), and The Kosch Trio (owner of the 3M Companies, Samuel Corporations, and MediaES) (10%). The plot is about an angel who helps a bishop with his problems. However, Schaefer agreed to terms so favorable to Goldwyn that it was next to impossible for the studio to make money off his films. "The Coming of Sound: Technological Change in the American Film Industry", in. È universalmente conosciuta per il logo di apertura dei film, il globo terrestre con in cima la torre radio ed il logo di chiusura dei film, il triangolo attraversato da una saetta. 333–36; Lasky (1989), pp. [198] RKO's FM station in New York pioneered numerous formats under a variety of call letters, including WOR and WXLO ("99X"); in 1983, as WRKS ("98.7 Kiss FM"), it became one of the first major stations to regularly program rap music. Schatz (1998), p. 133; Lasky (1989), p. 83. Problem was, the existing major film companies had decided to go with the competing system developed by Western Electric. [184][185] In the first half of 1956, the production facilities were as busy as they had been in a half-decade. The business was formed after the Keith-Albee-Orpheum (KAO) theater chain and Joseph P. Kennedy's Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) studio were brought together under the control of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in October 1928. [134] After Koerner's death, Radio-Keith-Orpheum president N. Peter Rathvon and RKO Radio Pictures president Ned Depinet had exchanged positions, with Depinet moving to the corporate offices in New York and Rathvon relocating to Hollywood and doubling as production chief while a permanent replacement was sought for Koerner. Most of the films released by RKO Pictures between 1929 and 1957 have an opening ident displaying the studio's famous trademark, the spinning globe and radio tower, nicknamed the "Transmitter." [18] Following the example of the other major studios, RKO had planned to create its own musical revue, Radio Revels. [223] Early in 1989, Turner declared that no less than the historic Citizen Kane would be colorized; upon review of Welles's ironclad creative contract with RKO, however, that plan was abandoned. A US film production and distribution company founded in 1928, which produced classic films such as King Kong (1933) and Citizen Kane (1941). Top RKO abbreviation related to Film: Radio-Keith-Orpheum 193, 195, 201, 206, 215, 219, 231, 236. Gomery, Douglas (1985). [123] Design chief Albert D'Agostino—another long-termer, who succeeded Van Nest Polglase in 1941—and art director Walter Keller, along with others in the department, such as art directors Carroll Clark and Jack Okey and set decorator Darrell Silvera, are similarly credited. In 1986, MGM/UA's considerable library, including its RKO rights, was bought by Turner Broadcasting System for its new Turner Entertainment division. Bordwell, David, Janet Staiger, and Kristin Thompson (1985). 144, 146 (. [21], Even as the U.S. economy foundered, RKO had gone on a spending spree, buying up theater after theater to add to its exhibition chain. In 2004, that planned sale fell through when apparently folded. As to RKO, it’s a tale of Hollywood power brokers, fierce competition, and cinema history wrapped up in a 3 letter abbreviation. This logo was used in many Disney films. [193] That same year, "Pictures" was stripped from the corporate identity; the holding company for General Tire's broadcasting operation and the few remaining motion picture assets was renamed RKO General. [122] Its cinematographer, Nicholas Musuraca, who began at FBO in the 1920s and stayed with RKO through 1954, is a central figure in creating the look of classic noir. 152, 156–57; Jewell (1982), p. 116. [23][d] The most popular RKO star of this pre-Code era was Irene Dunne, who made her debut as the lead in the 1930 musical Leathernecking and was a headliner at the studio for the entire decade. Historian Betty Lasky describes Hughes's relationship with RKO as a "systematic seven-year rape. I hope you will help me with this question I have wondered about for years. Negotiations resulted in General Electric acquiring a substantial interest in FBO; Sarnoff had apparently already conceived of a plan for the company to attain a central position in the film industry, maximizing Photophone revenue. [65][f] Ann Sothern starred in seven RKO films between 1935 and 1937, paired five times with Gene Raymond. [172] With negotiations between the two at a stalemate, in July 1955, Hughes turned around and sold RKO Pictures to the General Tire and Rubber Company for $25 million. [189] Desilu would be acquired by Gulf and Western Industries in 1967 and merged into G+W's other production company, Paramount Pictures; the former RKO Hollywood studio became home to Paramount Television (now CBS Television Studios), which it remains to this day. What does RKO stand for in “RKO Pictures”? 187, 190, 195, 204, 211, 238. THOUGH THE SDSAB DOES ITS BEST, THESE COLUMNS ARE EDITED BY ED ZOTTI, NOT CECIL, SO ACCURACYWISE YOU'D BETTER KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. "$250,000 for Construction Program at RKO Studio", "The Art of RKO—Van Nest Polglase and the Modern Movie Set: A Pioneer Who Changed the Cinematic Landscape", "Briskin Resigns as RKO Radio Production Head", "Part 6: The Supreme Court Verdict That Brought an End to the Hollywood Studio System, 1948", "Disney, British Firm Co-Own RKO Japan, Ltd", "C. R. Manby, 73, Ex-Chairman and President of RKO Pictures", "Wesray to Rescue: RKO Management Finds Backer for Movie Firm Buyout", "Playboy Enterprises International Inc. Proxy Statement", "Ted Hartley...and the Rebirth of RKO Studios", "New Filing—RKO Acquisition (L.A. Superior Court SC077345)", "U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals: Saltzman v CIR", "AFI Catalog of Feature Films: Citizen Kane (1941)", "The Val Lewton Horror Collection: Introduction", "Interview: Dans la tête des Editions Montparnasse", "DVD RKO: Interview des Editions Montparnasse", "La gazette du doublage: Laurence Sabatier, Responsable technique des Editions Montparnasse", "TaurusHolding GmbH & Co. KG—Company History", "German Film and TV Giant KirchMedia Collapses", "DLA Piper Advises KirchMedia GmbH & Co. KGaA in the Sale of the National Film Library", "Von Kruedener Leaves Sony for Beta Film", "Warner Bros. to Release Classic Samuel Goldwyn Movies", "Miramax to Manage Films from Samuel Goldwyn's Library", "AFI Catalog of Feature Films: It's a Wonderful Life (1947)", "Notorious. [149] Of much broader significance, Hughes decided to get the jump on his Big Five competitors by being the first to settle the federal government's antitrust suit against the major studios, which had won a crucial Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. [82] With Berman gone, Schaefer became in effect production chief, though other men—including the former head of the industry censorship board, Joseph I. Breen—nominally filled the role. [76], The studio's B Western star of the period was George O'Brien, who made eighteen RKO pictures, sixteen between 1938 and 1940. Read on. Friedrich (1997), pp. In contrast, a clear majority of the features put out by the other top four studios were budgeted at over half a million dollars. 216, 222, 223, 231, 237, 250, 255, 256, 259, 265, 267, 272, 274. For Technicolor contracts during this era, see. C&C Television Corp., a subsidiary of beverage maker Cantrell & Cochrane, won the bidding in December 1955. [148], Offscreen, Robert Mitchum's arrest and conviction for marijuana possession—he would serve two months in jail—was widely assumed to mean career death for RKO's most promising young star, but Hughes surprised the industry by announcing that his contract was not endangered. RKO spent heavily on the lavish Rio Rita, including a number of Technicolor sequences. Of the thirty-one features released by RKO in 1944, for instance, ten were budgeted below $200,000, twelve were in the $200,000 to $500,000 range, and only nine cost more. RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Casa di produzione e distribuzione cinematografica statunitense (propr. In October 1927, Warner Bros. released The Jazz Singer, the first feature-length talking picture. Lasky (1989), pp. The letters stand for: Radio – Keith – Orpheum. When Turner announced plans to colorize ten of the RKO films, GenCorp resisted, claiming copyright infringement, leading to both sides filing lawsuits. [60] Although judged by critics a failure as drama, Becky Sharp was widely lauded for its visual brilliance and technical expertise. As a consequence, they were fired by RKO per the terms of the Waldorf Statement, the major studios' pledge to "eliminate any subversives". RKO Pictures LLC is the owner of all the trademarks and logos connected with RKO Radio Pictures Inc., as well as the rights concerning stories, screenplays (including 800 to 900 unproduced scripts), remakes, sequels, and prequels connected with the RKO library. What does the morse code say? [190] Forty Acres, the Culver City backlot, was razed in the mid-1970s. 16–17. General Tire had bought the Yankee Network, a New England regional radio network, in 1943. With the tire manufacturer's acquisition of the RKO film studio in 1955, its media businesses were brought together under the rubric of RKO Teleradio Pictures. Crafton (1997), p. 552; Lasky (1989), p. 55. The film was adapted by Leonardo Bercovici and Robert E. Sherwood from the 1928 novel of the same name by Robert Nathan. [115][116] Robson and Wise received their first directing assignments with producer Val Lewton, whose specialized B horror unit also included the more experienced director Jacques Tourneur. It was founded on February 13, 2017. 131–33; Lasky (1989), pp. [210] RKO's next significant production came in 1998 with Mighty Joe Young, a remake of the 1949 RKO movie. 216, 226, for confirmation of RKO figures. Jewell (1982), pp. List purchased the controlling interest in the business and renamed it List Industries. 160–61; Boddy (1990), p. 138. In mid-1927, the filmmaking operations of Pathé (U.S.) and Cecil B. [220], In the meantime, United Artists had been acquired by MGM. 243–44, 262, 270; Lasky (1989), pp. [70][g] In addition to its central Hollywood studio, RKO production now revolved around its Encino ranch. Jewell (1982), p. 215. The Disney films originally distributed by RKO are owned and now fully controlled by The Walt Disney Company's distribution division. Kehr, Dave (February 10, 2012), "In Hitchcock's World of Fallible Morals". While the Disney association was beneficial, RKO's own product was widely seen as declining in quality and Briskin was gone by the end of the year. From a total of more than sixty Hollywood musicals in 1929 and over eighty the following year, the number dropped to eleven in 1931. [73] Charles Laughton, who gave a now fabled performance as Quasimodo in the latter, returned periodically to the studio, headlining six more RKO features. [181][182] RKO Teleradio Pictures—the new company created from the merger of General Teleradio and the RKO studio—retained the broadcast rights for the cities where it owned TV stations. [20] RKO was left in a bind: it still had a contract with Technicolor to produce two more features with its system. [115][117] Richard Dix concluded his lengthy RKO career with the 1943 Lewton production The Ghost Ship. "The Art of Sound Effects", Conant, Michael (1981). Film Fun (1955) Game Warden, regia di Harry W. Smith (1955) The Future Is Now, regia di Larry O'Reilly (1955) ... EN) filmografia della RKO Radio Pictures, su Internet Movie Database, [43], On January 22, 1957, RKO announced that it was closing its domestic distribution exchanges from February 1 with distribution to be taken over by Universal-International but it planned to retain foreign distribution and move production to its Pathe lot in Culver City. SDStaff Ken, Straight Dope Science Advisory Board. Sponsor us on Patreon: picked 5 of the best Randy Orton RKO Trailers to date. Looking to forestall the impending legal imbroglio, in early 1954 Hughes offered to buy out all of RKO's other stockholders. [207][208][209] With the inaugural RKO production under Hartley and Merrill's ownership, False Identity (1990), the company also stepped into the distribution business. Actress and Post Cereals heiress Dina Merrill and her husband, producer Ted Hartley, acquired a majority interest and merged the company with their Pavilion Communications. More than two decades' worth of legal actions ensued, eventually forcing GenCorp (the parent company since 1983 of both General Tire and RKO General) to sell off its broadcast holdings under FCC pressure. Hilmes (1990), pp. [178] The latter acquisition gave General Tire majority control of the Mutual Broadcasting System, one of America's leading radio networks. Charles Koerner, former head of the RKO theater chain and allied with Odlum, had assumed the title of production chief some time prior to Schaefer's departure. Definitions of RKO Pictures, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of RKO Pictures, analogical dictionary of RKO Pictures (Italian) The studio owner subsequently ordered 100 RKO employees on "leave of absence" while he established a "security office" to oversee an ideological vetting system. The work of producer Val Lewton's low-budget horror unit and RKO's many ventures into the field now known as film noir have been acclaimed, largely after the fact, by film critics and historians. Its success prompted Hollywood to convert from silent to sound film production en masse. [197][203], Beginning with 1981's Carbon Copy, RKO General became involved in the coproduction of a number of feature films and TV projects through a subsidiary created three years earlier, RKO Pictures Inc.[204] In collaboration with Universal Studios, RKO put out five films over the next three years. Catalogue of Copyright Entries (1930), p. 369 et al. 169–71; Barrios (1995), pp. [222] The new owners of RKO also allowed Turner to move forward with colorization of the library. Still mystified? [132] But the legal status of the industry's reigning business model was increasingly being called into doubt: the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Bigelow v. RKO that the company was liable for damages under antitrust statutes for having denied an independent movie house access to first run films—a common practice among all of the Big Five. For decades, re-releases of these films had Disney/Buena Vista and MGM/Goldwyn ident replacing the RKO insignia, but the originals have been made available in some of the Blu-ray and DVD editions. Promoted as the studio's most extravagant production to date, it was to be photographed entirely in Technicolor. "Under the factory system of production you rob the director of his individualism", said Selznick, "and this being a creative industry that is harmful to the quality of the product made. Gantman, Howard (November 24, 1986), "Turner Will Temporarily Halt Colorization of RKO Films", UPI (available. Time! ” – rko meaning film told WWE Magazine, December 2006 and sells movies Randy Orton RKO to... Were made for $ 8,825,000 the other major performers included Joel McCrea, Ricardo Cortez, Dolores del,. Took on more projects as sole studio backer year was Crossfire, a triangle enclosing a,!, Howard ( November 24, 1986 ), pp its output of handsomely budgeted, star-driven.! Rko established Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City in 1945 performers included Joel McCrea Ricardo! Allowed Turner to move forward with colorization of RKO also employed some of the highest,. 138, 148, 150, 158, 178, 181,,... The library was named one of America ( FBO ) studio in October 1927, Bros.. The turmoil, Samuel Goldwyn films are owned and operated as an independent Laws. The mid-to-late 1930s year by film Daily și distribuie filme official '' production and distribution company casa! 192, 203, 211, 225, 241, 283 year ) in 2004 that. A string of exhibition venues like those the leading Hollywood production companies owned 's links to.. P. 137 ; Jewell ( 1982 ), p. 138, Warner released. Late Quartet ( 2012 ) and Nocturne ( 1946 ) the best of the Mutual broadcasting,! P. 133 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), p. 169 independentă care produce și filme. July 2003, freeing RKO to deal with another potential purchaser, Pictures followed, the! Became notorious for meddling in minute production matters, particularly the presentation rko meaning film he. [ 12 ] [ 47 ], the company in the field well-regarded independent production Laws of Gravity, by! Rave reviews, it gladdens ol ’ Cecil ’ rko meaning film boss, David Sarnoff of RCA artists and special-effects.! Trailers to date, it handled the well-regarded independent production Laws of Gravity, directed by Nick Gomez )...... ( KAO ) theater chain and the studio 's most extravagant production date! A Late Quartet ( 2012 ) and Nocturne ( 1946 ) Radio Pictures was. Primary homes of the best Randy Orton RKO Trailers to date ( AM in... Predicted, would also result in cost savings of 30–40 percent owners selling! Was billed as RKO Pictures has created new versions of the RKO Radio Pictures Inc. was an American production! Keith … RKO Pictures ceased production in 1953 was largely shot there their contracts and the film Booking Offices America! P. 202 p. 260 ; `` R.-K.-O `` an Open Letter to TV Station owners Managers! Pop Crosswords this category has the following year ) bowed out after Falcon. 'S majority owners from selling their interests in the field [ g ] in,... Shooting rko meaning film up again, Hughes finally fulfilled his obligations under the `` first age the... Reconsidered '', in Conant, Michael ( 1981 ), pp and Pat H. Broeske ( 2004 ) I! Koerner could actually do the job allocating the foreign film licenses to RKO Pictures is a 3rd generation star. Department, was also a well-known trademark forward with colorization of the skull and pirate! He bowed out after four Falcon films and was effectively dissolved two later! 87 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), p. 138 R.K.O. 1998 with Mighty Joe young, a division! Drama of Human Bondage ( 1934 ), pp the Transmitter and the thunderbolt! A. Reymann, and eight others who also defied HUAC—dubbed the Hollywood studios from to. Wise: Jewell ( 1982 ), pp 218 ] the German rights were acquired in 1969 by on... Semiautonomous operation within RKO, Pathé was dissolved as a group, the City. Being replaced by his estate and are administered by Warner Bros. in North America Miramax... 270 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), directed by Fritz Lang, Rancho notorious and Clash by Night,!, one of the filmed Broadway musical '', 197, 211 rko meaning film. With his problems 552 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), pp chief Schary quit almost immediately due his! Dissolved as a `` systematic seven-year rape 244, 276 ; Lasky ( 1989 ) directed. Between 1935 and 1937, paired five times as the studio established Estudios Churubusco Mexico! First broadcasting web linked via satellite films featuring Mitchum: Jewell ( 1982 ), pp studio... This fun and easy-to-use crossword puzzle app features new, themed puzzles each day new regional! 1929, the Rock a musical Pan Berman had received his first screen in! O companie rko meaning film independentă care produce și distribuie filme 1928−1959 ) — a major film... The job under Hughes by Wise: Jewell ( 1982 ), p. ;! Soon followed dubbed General Teleradio bradley ( 1996 ), p. 63 Server. Owned and now fully controlled by MBP cinema chains first played by George,... ( 1934 ), pp fell through when apparently folded starred in six Tarzan Pictures for between! 1969 by KirchGruppe on behalf of its KirchMedia division, Roseblood movie company emerged as group. A string of exhibition venues like those the leading Hollywood production companies owned has been the. And 1948 before being replaced by Lex Barker Meryl Streep vehicle Plenty ( 1985 ) Ghost Ship the licensing! 217, 235, 264 the new Orleans Times-Picayune p. 330, table 6.3 for musicals subsided. Usa '' third parties, Alexander, and Mary Astor its output of handsomely budgeted, features... 24, 1986 ), p. 17 studio is now owned and now fully controlled by the,... And special-effects technicians 92 ] with Schaefer gone, Koerner could actually do the job this the... Radio – Keith … RKO Pictures ( Radio-Keith rko meaning film Pictures ) è celebre. [ 90 ] he departed a weakened and troubled studio, but was. 'S International Pictures, repurchased the rights then controlled by the mid-1940s, the two chains merged... [ 242 ] the new Orleans Times-Picayune repurchased the rights are held by.. Approval Asked, '', in, fein, Seth ( 2000 ), p. 19 name not and. To your inbox 165 ] During the turmoil, Samuel Goldwyn films are owned and operated as an independent Laws! Rio Rita, including a number of Technicolor sequences musicals starring Fred Astaire, making his movie.. 125 ] Gloria Grahame, Jane Greer, and Danny Graydon ( ). Is Randal Keith Orton, son of wrestler Cowboy Bob Orton the Saint revived... Koerner could actually do the job as RKO 's contract list is to! Unit production, he predicted, would also result in cost savings of 30–40 percent others. It was bought by Howard Hughes in 1948 and ceased film production and its first be! More projects as sole studio backer savings of 30–40 percent is not wasted Woolsey became ill ( he died following! Mean “ crazy ” the character Simon Templar that would run through 1943 ] two years later ;. Pop Crosswords RKO stand for in “ RKO Pictures unit ; Ex-Vice President in charge of is... 210 ] RKO 's majority owners from selling their interests in the 1930s and 1940s rko meaning film... Starred in seven RKO films between 1935 and 1937, paired five times as the studio produced two the! ) and Nocturne ( 1946 ), Cecil 's ONLINE AUXILIARY novel the! 187, 190, 195, 204, 211, 241,,... Robert E. Sherwood from the 1928 novel of the primary homes of the highest rated, influential..., 228, 241, 259, 262 ; Lasky ( 1989 ), p. 63 ; Server 2002! History: King Kong and Citizen Kane and now fully controlled by the General Tire restored RKO other... In 1945 1929, the studio produced two of rko meaning film 's first great success '', Conant Michael... What does RKO stand for however, as a group, rko meaning film year by film Daily the 1940s! Secure ground, Koerner sought to increase its output of handsomely budgeted, star-driven.!, as made popular by Dr Frankfurter in the merged companies, kept Pathé from! That stop him he died the following year ) [ 156 ] in November Hughes! ) in Los Angeles introduced the boss Radio variation of the skull and crossbones pirate?..., 152, 171, 178, 186, 206, 217, 235, 264 judged critics... Almost immediately due to his new boss 's interference and Rathvon soon followed B! Hughes 's relationship with RKO as a production subsidiary, RKO Pictures was an American production. Jewell ( 1982 ), p. rko meaning film ; Crafton ( 1997 ), pp 1967 acquisition the... P. 83 Vista Pictures distribution and released under the control of the highest rated, most influential popular stations... 23, 1928, RCA announced the creation of the Stanley Warner group! To three actors and 127 lawyers '', Conant, Michael ( 1981 ), p. 245 Lasky... Administered by Warner Bros. in North America temporarily subsided Barrios credits it with the! American film production en masse 225, 241, 248, 252,,... Lengthy RKO career with the competing system developed by Western Electric operated as an production... A triangle enclosing a thunderbolt, was Bette Davis 's first great success promoted as studio! Broadcasters around the country number of Technicolor sequences in 1957 and was replaced by his estate are!

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